Saturday, October 18, 2008

Top 10 Pet Peeves

I just started thinking about things that REALLY bother's my top 10 list (not necessarily in order)...that would take some real analysis!

*sound of a hair dryer when you're trying to sleep
*boys in their own world (that gives you a hint how my week's been!)
*Tom Shane's voice about jewlery (I don't get that commercial out here, but it's still in my mind)
*slow drivers
*poor grammar (verbally and written) "I ain't known what yous talkin' 'bout!
*when people don't call you back
*delayed flights
*calling a company and getting prompts when you just want to talk to a person
*cocky people
*getting stuck in traffic (especially in a stick-shift car!)
*fake people

I'm sure my list could go on and on...what are some of your pet peeves?


Amy said...

So, it really bothers you when I take weeks to return a text or phone call? ;) Love the list and I just have to say, "Now you have a friend in the diamond business, at the corner of State St. and 72 hundred south."

melissa said...

Oh boy, don't ever read my blog. I have the worst grammar ever.

Cecilie said...

I was excited to see you blog. I just returned to the blogging world and I do have to admit it was a nice vacation, but probably nothing like yours this summer. You broke 2 ribs...ouch. (Sorry, I probably ain't using the best grammar. :) Fun to see your pictures too.