Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Amazing Summer Vacation

I feel like I spent the entire summer on airplanes. I counted them all up and I was on 16 different planes within 2 1/2 months. I was in California, Utah, California, South Carolina, Italy, Greece, South Carolina, Utah, California, Utah, South Carolina...with many layovers inbetween. It was an incredibly busy summer. My sister-in-law was at my house more days than I was this summer and she doesn't even live in this state anymore! I made a lot of memories that summer though.
These were the communal toilets at Ostia Antica (Ancient Ostia) which is considered the Roman Pompeii. It was an amazing place. It was discovered a few decades ago. It was completed covered by a flood and uncovered by archeologists. It's in great condition...even the nasty toilets.

Here is my mom and me at the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. It was quite amazing how much is still intact.

This is a picture from Delphi Greece. We had to hike up this HUGE mountain to the 'stadium' area. It was a very hot, humid day. I was in flip-flops but I still made it all the way up. It was a great unscheduled workout.


Amy said...

I really can't believe the summer you had. I loved that I got to see you so much. And where is a picture of one of your visits to my house?? ;)

Kellee Edwards said...

I'm working on that page next I PROMISE! I think my whole fridge is covered with pictures of your kids. I show them to everyone!