Monday, September 22, 2008

She Is Missed...

Our family had a very rough summer! In June my grandma passed away after battling lung cancer. She had lived a very long, fulfilled life and was at peace with knowing it was "her time to go". I was able to spend a week with her before she passed away and was able to talk about all of the feelings we were all going through.

I thought a lot about her last night. We used to call each other and ask each other what we would be wearing to the various awards shows. Last night was the Emmy's. I'm sure she was looking down on me hoping I'd be ready to go to the award show in my bathrobe, pink curlers in my hair and yellow golashes on my feet. She always amazed me with her imagination about the most interesting outfits! She was a one of a kind and I miss her everyday!


Amy said...

It is so nice that you got to spend that week with her this summer! That is a cute picture too.

DMJK McQuivey said...

Hey Kellee! I am sorry about your Grandmother.

I am so glad you have a blog! Go check out the fam at

Sounds like you have been having some fun times.

Miss ya,